What in the World

My daughter was writing a research paper for her health class on the average life expectancy in Hong Kong (currently ranked #1 in the world) and the contributing factors behind it. Being a health & fitness guy, I was anticipating the answer to be along the lines of diet, exercise, and quality of life. I was not correct, but I was not that far off either. It appears that there are three logical reasons for the average Hong Kong residents to live well into their late eighties:

  1. Easy accessibility within the city without the use of cars. Allows people to walk where they need to go. Stop walking, start dying.
  2. Universal Health Care. Everyone gets medical attention whenever they need it.
  3. Mental determination. Many of Hong Kong’s residents came as economic migrants. They climbed, ran, and swam to get where they needed to go. They needed to be psychologically fitter than their peers to have the motivation to uproot their lives.

The search for this information led to another interesting website - https://www.nationalgeographic.com/what-the-world-eats/. This site reveals the average diet a person has in each country. It is no surprise that the country with the highest daily caloric intake is the United States (with the U.K. and Germany right behind us). It is also no surprise, that of the calories eaten, the highest percentage was of sugars and fats (also greater than any other nation). So the question I pose to you is:

Which country aligns closest with your diet? Click the link above and compare.

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