Sports Rehab


Our Sports Rehab is one-on-one focused work. We work hand-in-hand with the physical therapist and their suggestions as to what should be done in after care. With those considerations and more we develop a whole conditioning program, taking into account the injury sites to further improve the functioning of those areas, and then the overall body functioning.

During Sports Rehab we'll continually perform the biomechanics assessment. It's not a onetime thing. We want to see improvement and the assessments show us if what we're doing is actually working. If we see there aren't any improvements in the screens, then we have to reconsider what we're doing. Typically we don't see this happening. The screens usually show improvement which tells us we're on the right track.

The program follows a cycle of screening, giving you a set of exercises, screening again, and giving more exercises. The exercises are often some form of assessment. They can be used as a means of establishing whether you're improving or not.