Sports Injury Rehabilitation


We have a process for those coming into our facility with a sports injury. The screening process determines if there is pain associated with any movements. If so, we refer you to your primary care physician, a sports doctor, or physical therapist. Once you're cleared, then we work with the medical team — their suggestions as well as any contraindications (things you should not be doing) — to design a program to get you to a level of function that allows you to return to active daily living and beyond.

Some of our team works in a rehabilitative or restoration setting where if you have subtle symptoms, there might be things that are happening biomechanically that we can clean up to make the symptoms go away. If it goes deeper, this is where the medical team comes into play. We cannot diagnose — that is beyond our scope of practice. We are not diagnosticians. We're here to provide good complete conditioning depending on your needs and level of function.