Sports Conditioning

Exercise Rope Training

Rocky’s has a team of professionals that makes athletes better, to get them to their peak performance level.  We are not the skill coach — i.e. teach the basketball player how to dribble better, shoot more accurately, have better defensive and offensive skills.  We are strength and conditioning specialists that train and condition athletes, regardless of the sport, in a way that allows their bodies to react quicker, be more flexible, more powerful, and stronger – whatever the demands are for their specific sport.  We train into their sport, creating a complete conditioning program for the athlete or a complete team based around their season, post-season and off-season.

Most coaches in a sport have great background information and coaching ability to coach the athlete in the sport.  What is lacking from them, and they’ll be the first to admit it, is that when it comes to the sport conditioning, they have a tendency to find information on the internet and just throw it at the players.  They’re not trained or educated in the way to condition athletes.  They’re great on the court, ice or on the field with strategy, offensive and defensive skill sets, training specific skills in the athletes, but not necessarily conditioning.

The strength and conditioning specialists that are with the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA are all certified like the team here at Rocky’s.  We have the same credentials as many of them.  They may have stayed in college a little bit longer or got a doctorate degree in exercise science, but they are certified strength and conditioning specialists with the NSCA, or certified as athletic trainers with the NATA.

The quality of instruction that you’ll find in our facility is very equal to a lot of what you’ll find not only in the college strength and conditioning fields, but also in the pros.  It’s just how far you want to take it.  We don’t try to coach the athlete in their specific sport here.  We create a team approach with the athlete’s coach, the physical therapist and the strength and conditioning coach — a triumvirate — of medical, sports-specific coaching, and strength conditioning, which creates a more complete athlete.

If we need to go to the coach or the coach needs to go to us or we need to talk to the physical therapist, we’re all talking the same language.  We communicate with the coach letting them know specifically what we’re doing with the athlete, what we’re seeing based on the array of  assessments that we’ve done, where they’re needing work and what we’re focusing on.  We’re telling them this is where we want them to be and ask them how this is working for their team approach.

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