Sun Salutation (Yoga)

Fit to Ski and Snowboard
The Sun Salutation is a series of gentle, flowing yoga poses that are often performed as a morning wake-up routine or as a warm-up routine prior to strength training.  The Sun Salutation (yoga) can also be performed as a warm-up routine before hitting the slopes.  This series of movements enhances flexibility of the spine, legs, and chest while strengthening the arms and shoulders and enhancing the body’s sense of balance and coordination.

Try to hold each pose for 5 to 15 seconds before transitioning to the next pose in the sequence.  Perform the series of 12 poses three or four times.  When performing the repetition of the lunge position, be sure to alternate legs.  A single sequence of the 12 poses usually takes about 1 minute.

Concentrate to maintain an awareness of your breath while entering and exiting each pose.  When breathing, be sure to  inhale into the diaphragm, filling the midsection as deeply as possible.