Fit to Ski and Snowboard

Fit to Ski

The Skier’s and Boarder’s Guide to Strength and Conditioning by Rocky Snyder

Copyright© 2006 by Rocky Snyder.  All rights reserved.

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Hit the slopes with greater strength, balance, and endurance than ever before.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an advanced athlete, Fit to Ski and Snowboard helps you create the ideal conditioning program for your body and your needs.  You can do these personalized workouts at the gym or at home, tacking your progress with the workout log and muscle chart.  You’ll be amazed how much you can:

  • Improve your balance with wobble board and stability ball exercises
  • Strength and protect your back using core training techniques
  • Gain quicker reactions through plyometrics
  • Increase your flexibility with sun salutations and stretches

With this all-in-one fitness handbook, you’re sure to be in peak condition next time you challenge the peaks.

“…packed with exercises that let athletes tap their maximum potential before the snow flies.” —R. Mark Elling, author of The All-Mountain Skier

“Rocky’s training tactics will help you improve fast!” —Jeff Bennett, coauthor of The Complete Snowboarder

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