Fit to Paddle

The Paddler’s Guide to Strength and Conditioning by Rocky Snyder

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

Samuel Johnson

I am certified as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist and a personal fitness trainer, not a registered dietician or certified nutritionist. It would be wise to consult one of those professionals if you are interested in a complete eating plan. Both dieticians and nutritionists can help create an individualized nutritional program.

The following, more or less, are suggestions to a healthy lifestyle with the foods we eat. Remember the old saying? “You are what you eat.” It is true. Our bodies react to everything we eat and drink. Our bodies are at their best when we feed it what it needs. Our bodies become taxed when we feed it the wrong things.

Most everyone in America has been raised with foods that the human body has never tried to digest before. These foods include candy bars, fast food, ice cream, microwaveable dinners, most foods found in the aisle sections of a supermarket, and alcohol (okay, alcohol has been around for a long time but the average consumption level is higher).

Let’s consider these “new” foods as the foods that are not necessarily the best choice to have as the core of your diet. It might be wiser to build the core of your diet on things like seasonal organic fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat and fish, and most seeds and nuts. Most of the foods should be that which could have been hunted, caught, gathered from the ground or plucked from a tree.

Here are a few other suggestions you may want to incorporate into your eating lifestyle. I repeat I am not a dietician; these are merely suggestions.

  • Eat protein at every meal.
  • Cut out processed sugars and processed flour products.
  • Don’t eat starchy foods for dinners.
  • Eat fruit that is low in sugar and high in fiber.
  • Limit yourself to a couple of pieces of fruit a day.
  • Reduce the amount of dairy products: milk, cheese, and butter.
  • Shop around the perimeter of the supermarket (It is where most healthy choices are found).
  • Drink water! We, as humans, are made up of mostly water, so stay hydrated.
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