Fit to Surf

The Surfer’s Guide to Strength and Conditioning by Rocky Snyder

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Forward by Kevin Miske, Professional Surfer

Surfing has undergone phenomenal growth in the past decade.  New surfers are discovering the lure of the ocean and  the adrenaline rush of  dropping  in on a wave.  Older surfers are returning to their boards to find the stoke they once had when they were mere groms.  Young and old, new surfer or veteran, it seems like everyone is having fun with the sport.

Surfing is a strenuous sport that requires stamina, skill, and balance.  Being a competitive surfer and rugby player, I've long recognized the essential value of fitness in high-intensity sports.  We can no longer ignore the importance of improving our surfing through cross-training – fitness routines and sports activities that are in addition to surfing.

Historically, many surfers were true watermen who not only surfed, but also swam, paddled, body-surfed, and snorkeled.  Perhaps they intuitively understood the benefits of cross-training:  improved all-around conditioning and a body ready to take on the toughest demands of surfing.

Rocky Snyder's Fit to Surf comes at a time when training for surfing fitness is much needed.  The new surfer may only get out in the water a couple of times a week, requiring him or her to find other times and places and ways to train.  And even if you surf nearly every day, you should be running, stretching, and performing the exercises in this book to help make you a better surfer through better conditioning.

The illustrated exercises here are designed to increase strength, skill, and balance.  In addition, they will develop your body so it's less susceptible to injury and so you can enjoy surfing even more.  When you're physically fit, you can catch more waves, stay out longer without getting tired, and perform new and more demanding maneuvers.  With a little time, determination and focus you will see improvement in your surfing.

Good luck and aloha!