Why Rocky’s Personal Training

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All personal trainers at Rocky’s Fitness Center are certified in one of the three leading associations that certify personal trainers:  The National Strength and Conditioning Association, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, or the International Sports Science Association.  In my opinion, these are the three top certification associations in the personal training field.  They are the gold standard from which all others are compared.

All of our coaches and trainers here have certifications in one or more these associations.  There are dozens of associations certifying trainers, but you’re not guaranteed that the personal trainer has a legitimate certification.  You can go on the internet, pay $50 and suddenly you’re certified.  That in my opinion is a very weak part of our industry and hopefully something that will be rectified at some point with state or national licensing.  We chose the trainers that elicit the most amount of motivation, education, and stimulation for their clients.

Aside from ensuring our personal trainers hold top certification, it’s been a long process to ensure all the trainers match up well with our training philosophies here.  Sometimes it’s been through trial and error of getting people in and seeing that maybe they have their own philosophy and it’s not going to match up with ours.  The phrase “slow to hire and quick to fire” perhaps best describes our approach where we really take time to understand and know our trainers.  We have them join our groups and oversee individual sessions to get a good understanding of how we work before they even set foot in a class or training others.

We also have an ongoing mentoring program for any of the personal trainers that are interested in training here which brings them through our philosophies and training.  Once they complete this they’re not guaranteed placement, but they are certainly aware of how we train.

Our philosophy in its basic form is that every person is different; however they all have certain commonalities.  We train the bodies to move better.  First and foremost we get people moving better.  As we get them moving better we get them closer to their goals by guiding them in a strategic, progressive way.