The Personal Training Experience

At Rocky's Fitness Center, we believe in thinking and training outside the box. This is why we geek out on your gait patterns, the impact of a neurological focus on your strength training, 3-dimensional movement patterns, and the mind-body connection for greater results. We strive to be on the cutting edge of health and wellness.

We now know from various studies that humans are hardwired for connection and community, we also know that we learn best in situations that offer novel experience. Training in a small group provides both the novelty required to strengthen vital neurological responses that support learning and the community connection that is shown to support the growth of our brain, body, and happiness. In short, individualized training material in combination, with comradery and connection, go a long way. Our clients are getting stronger, making friends, and having fun.

We approach your personal training with that same mindset. With a future-focused approach on your heatlh, your strength, your life. Our vision of the future of fitness is why we created a new approach to how we deliver personal training. The fitness industries current version of 1:1 training was a money driven model of the 1980's. We all out grew our leg warmers and upgraded our FM radio for streaming. It's time to upgrade your personal training.

Whether reading the swells in our search for surf or looking towards the future of fitness; we are always scanning the horizon. We see a future of fitness that is social, result-driven safe and effective, and more fun then you ever expected.

We invite you to experience the RFC difference. Get the individualized attention you deserve, the connection you crave, at a price you can appreciate.

The Details

  • Individualized training program designed to reflect you personal goals and physical needs.
  • Expertise and guidance from a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Two personal training appointments a week.
  • 8 sessions completed in 30 days.
  • $249 promotional price

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  • COVID-19 Update

    For more info, please read our COVID FAQs.

    In response to the Shelter in Place order for Santa Cruz County, RFC is committed to:

  • keeping business as usual via online training for all clients
  • closing the studio to the public
  • keeping our trainers fully employed
  • keeping you up-to-date with email content as needed
  • Thank you for your continued commitment to RFC!