Personal Training Design

Exercise Sled In 55 minute sessions, you will go through a complete assessment to determine your exact exercise program.  Senior Personal Trainers (Coaches) will design a 4-week program.  After 4 weeks you will be retested and assessed and another 4-week program will be designed.  This will occur three times over the course of three months.

Exclusive Personal Training and Coaching

For the client who prefers exclusive individual attention with one coach for their session.  Your program is designed to meet your specific goals and is also determined by a needs analysis and physical assessment.  Your appointment will be led by one of Rocky's personal coaches.  All coaches are certified personal trainers with NSCA, NSAM, or ACSM credentials.

Semi-Personal Training and Coaching

A personalized strength and conditioning program is created for up to 4 people based on individual goals and a needs analysis.  Weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance can be achieved in a systematic approach.  The needs analysis is determined by static and posture assessments, 3D MAPS, fitness assessment and each client's specific goals.
  • COVID-19 Update

    For more info, please read our COVID FAQs.

    In response to the Shelter in Place order for Santa Cruz County, RFC is committed to:

  • keeping business as usual via online training for all clients
  • closing the studio to the public
  • keeping our trainers fully employed
  • keeping you up-to-date with email content as needed
  • Thank you for your continued commitment to RFC!