Emotional Needs

Exercise Sled There are also emotional parameters that we look at.  I had one person come in and he just wanted to be happy.  That was it.  "I don't feel happy and I want to be happy.  I want to feel good."  He didn't say he wanted to lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, or be out of pain.  His primary goal was to be happy.

There are those that feel their life is out of control and they need some semblance of normalcy and accountability - some place where they know they're expected to be at a certain time.  People leading chaotic lives, people that are over-stressed, people that are not feeling good – whether they're in a depressed state or just not feeling good about themselves – these are some of the intangibles we're looking at. For the most part people aren't coming in here saying they want to squat 300 pounds by Christmas.  Some will come in and say they want to get into a size 6 dress for their daughter's wedding.  There are those who come in that are in pain and want to be out of pain. 

For the most part though, people come here because they want to feel better about themselves and improve their lives.  We take these intangibles into account when we're selecting the right personal trainer and designing a fitness program that's right for each client.

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