Movement as Medicine

When we are brand new to this world, our options for movement are boundless. It is like standing in a very long hallway with infinite doors going on forever. Each door represents some type of movement. Movement As Medicine Rockys Fitness CenterHowever, every time we sustain a physical injury, an emotional trauma, or endure surgical procedures, a door closes. Eventually, over time, many, many doors close, and we become limited in where we can travel. Sometimes it progresses to the point where the door we most often open is the one marked “PAIN.” No matter how you move, it seems that you always open that door first. This encourages less movement. The moment we begin to move less is the moment we begin to quicken the aging process. The less we move, the more problems arise. Joint pain, digestive troubles, cardiovascular concerns, and physical and emotional depression are all linked to lack of purposeful physical activity.

At Rocky’s Fitness Center, we believe that movement is often the best medicine. We believe the human body can heal itself more often than not. We know through our education and experience that most bodies need to be guided through specific movements to improve efficiency, reduce pain, and increase energy levels. That is why we combine fitness with rehab. Our programs are designed to unlock the doors that have remained closed - to give the body more than one option. To let it experience missing movements that guide it to a place of freedom. Free of restrictions. Free of compensations. Free of pain. Whether or not we become completely free is not the goal. It is to continually head in that direction, unlocking doors to see what new experiences can be had

Nobody in our culture is the perfect physical specimen. We all have issues in the tissues. By re-introducing what is missing, the body gets to experience remarkable things: less or no pain, strength increases, better circulation, stronger cardiovascular fitness, hormone balancing, and the list goes on. In a world where physical action is no longer necessary for survival, we have become the place where people come for a vital dose of rejuvenation.

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