Group Exercise for Neophytes

Exercise Ladder For those concerned about their ability to assimilate into a group exercise class, we'll do an assessment and screen your movements.  Perhaps you might be right.  Maybe you're not at that stage where the group exercise class is for you.  Maybe you'll need a little bit of individual time to bring you up to speed so that we can mainstream you into a group.  In the event that you show that you can move well, but maybe you are a little out of shape and deconditioned and have put on some extra pounds, then we'll try to get you into the group as soon as possible.

A hybrid approach might be appropriate where we meet individually once a week or once every other week, but we start to integrate you into the group. What you'll find is that those fears and concerns of intimidation being with a whole bunch of Olympians fade away, because you'll find that's not the case.

We have a lot of people that are deconditioned in the group and they're getting better.  They are very welcoming and have walked down that road too.  Not many people come in to us in tip top shape.  There are some, but most have walked that same road and have the empathy and sympathy for you.  They know so they'll pat you on the back and welcome you in and you won't have that sense of intimidation that you might find in the large health clubs with all the muscle heads pumping weights while you're grabbing the five pound dumbbells for the first time.

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