Group Class Structure

Exercise Ladder What we offer in the group exercise class is a lot packed into one hour.  We work with myofascial release – getting the muscles and fascia of your body to move better to become unlocked and not have so many knots.  From there we go into movement that opens up mobility in all the joints and gets a good range of motion.  We also work stability and core strength, and then we get into strength training for the upper and lower body as well as how they relate to each other – a total body work out.  At the end of the class we'll typically do some higher intensity training before we start rolling out with the foam rollers and cooling down again.  So there are a lot of things offered in one full hour that you may not find in other places. Many exercise classes are just concerned with pounding you into sand, making you feel completely exhausted and wasted.  For some people that's exactly what they want and need, and we can accommodate that, but there's more than that involved in every hour that we offer.
  • COVID-19 Update

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    In response to the Shelter in Place order for Santa Cruz County, RFC is committed to:

  • keeping business as usual via online training for all clients
  • closing the studio to the public
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