Group Exercise for Athletes

Exercise Ladder The group classes only get as big as about a dozen people. They can get bigger than that, but on average are about 6-8 people. With that size, the personal trainer can pick aside people that need to be worked harder and pushed harder. Typically that involves more weight or more repetitions or faster action or a more challenging form of the movement – something that achieves a higher intensity level. We'll have you do that while at the same time right next to you there's going to be someone that's learning how to squat for the first time. They're going to hold onto a small medicine ball – maybe four pounds – and sit down on the bench and then stand up without pushing off with their hands. You'll have kettle bells overhead or a barbell behind you back or in front of your chest doing the exact same exercise but at a much higher intensity level. The two can coexist in the same hour. Everyone's doing the same basic movements but at the appropriate level for each.

It's important for the trainer to get feedback from the people. If it felt like you could have been pushed more than that's good. We'll take a note of that for the future and give you something to address those concerns. Everyone can work out in the gym in the same hour doing more or less the same routine, but it's just stepped up or regressed based on everyone's ability.

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