Group Exercise

Exercise Ladder Group exercise at Rocky’s Fitness Center is a unique experience.  What sets our classes apart is that we are able to accommodate a broad range of clients – of all ages, abilities and fitness levels – in the same group exercise class.  Unlike other studios, not every class is about tearing down the body in the hopes of future strength gains. We are movement specialists, not drill sergeants. We pack a lot of instruction and education into a group setting. By modifying exercises based on the people that are in any given exercise class, we can have a 16-year-old girl just starting to exercise next to an 80-year-old grandmother.  They can be doing similar exercises, but at varied levels of intensity.  We can progress the exercise to higher levels, or regress back to more basic ways of doing the same movement.   We can have a recreational athlete next to an Olympic athlete, or someone who is a neophyte when it comes to exercise next to a seasoned veteran who has been exercising for years.

Admittedly, it sounds like an impossible task to achieve – providing a workout that challenges the athlete while simultaneously providing an environment that meets the needs of individuals at the other end of the spectrum.  This is what makes Rocky’s Fitness Center unique.  It is a function of our theory and approach to exercise.  Read on to learn how our Group Exercise Classes achieve this.

Group Exercise Schedule