Senior Fitness

Indian Exercise Clubs
For seniors, exercise is more important than any other age range.  Partly because it’s been shown that seniors should be exercising at least 6 days a week.  They should be more  active than people younger than them for many reasons:

  • Improved circulation
  • Stronger cardiovascular system,
  • Stronger immune system,
  • Stronger bones,
  • Bone density (men and woman, although woman are more prone to osteoporosis),
  • Strength building,
  • Speed work

Most people have a fear of falling when the get older.  Everyone falls in their life; everyone loses balance, but younger people have the ability to decelerate to react faster. So we want to train speed and reaction to those that are seniors.  This is an important part of group training.

We do a lot of locomotion and agility work.  Moving the body back and forth whether it be in the dynamic movements to warm up or the higher intensity portion at the end of the hour or the full body strength.  There are a lot of multidirectional movements.  We don’t sit down and exercise.  This is the other thing you’ll find when you look at senior fitness classes.  Typically the seniors are sitting in a chair with their walker beside them.  They’re doing all these stretches and reaches and lifting their legs out of the chair.   That’s a death knell.  That’s just waiting to be lying down in a bed.  Most seniors need to get out of the chair – standing, moving, and reacting. We provide this type of training in our Group Exercise Classes.