Pain Management

Rocky Snyder has spent the past three decades helping people re-align their posture, improve their ability to move without pain, and pursue more knowledge in the fields of kinesiology and biomechanics. In one 90-minute session a client will receive a comprehensive gait and biomechanical analysis and strategies to correct and improve how he/she organizes movement in a pain free way. This involves video gait analysis, electronic pressure plate readings, posture analysis, 3-dimensional macro & micro movement screening and open & closed chain foot mobilization.

Find the Tools to Eliminate Chronic Pain

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Stop Chasing Pain’? Unfortunately ‘chasing pain’ by specifically treating the site of pain is what dominates most of today’s healthcare industry. It’s based around a flawed, out of date concept. The idea that if something hurts, there must be damage or inflammation in the tissue. The truth is, the site of pain is rarely the true problem. The site of pain is often simply the physical evidence that the body is compensating for something, and is therefore no longer balanced. Identifying how and why your body is compensating, and then correcting these patterns, is the primary goal of Anatomy in Motion®.

Pain Management Class

AiM is a completely new way of looking at pain and biomechanics. The brainchild of renowned Sports Therapist Gary Ward (author of What The Foot?), AiM® is a systematic approach to assessing and influencing movement through gait. Much of the chronic pain people experience can be mapped to problems in the gait cycle. Correcting these problems helps the body return to balance and a pain free space. Anatomy in Motion® give us a new, innovative and highly effective way to assess and treat you. This is without doubt a ground-breaking approach to treating chronic pain and movement dysfunction.

Pain Management
I have only had a few sessions with Rocky so far, but I am a true believer in the power of his methods to transform body awareness, postural alignment, and flexibility. I am very active and approaching 70 years of age. I want to keep on riding my horse competitively, but increasing stiffness, years of computer work, and the occasional injury were threatening my success.

As of the first half hour with Rocky, he put me on a path to recovering increased balance, ease of movement, and range of motion in all joints. OK, so I think that’s a miracle, pretty much! Just last weekend I had my best competitive ride and highest score with my new horse.

Thank you, Rocky!Julie High, Ed.D.

To anyone with body aches & pains or limited movement issues:

A stroke left me without use of my left side. After working with PT, OT, an Acupuncturist skilled in treating strokes & a Feldenkrias therapist, I had gained modified use of my body, BUT taking a COGS class from Rocky made a big difference in my ability to gain even better function and reduction in pain. Rocky’s constant training in how the body works and moves and the proper method of movement for greater flexibility and range of motion has been the foundation of my personal success and I thank him every day. I have referred several people dealing with structural/movement problems to Rocky as well and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.Jack Macdonald, Vitamin Center of Capitola

Pain Management Class

Join Rocky Snyder, Movement Specialist, Master Trainer, and AiM® Practitioner as he leads you on a journey to remove chronic and acute pain with the movement-based approach of Anatomy in Motion®. Course Includes:
  • Four 50-minute corrective sessions (1 session per week)
  • Electronic pressure plate analysis
  • Hands-on foot analysis & mobilization to receive a deeper understanding of how the foot organizes movement among the 26 bones and 33 joints.
  • Postural and structural assessment.
  • 3-Dimensional movement screening of load bearing joints to find restrictions and successful movement patterns.
  • AiM® corrective techniques and foot wedges – plus any supportive techniques which may prove appropriate.
  • Rocky’s workout T-Shirt
Class size limited to only 6 people Cost: $199 (members $159) Class Begins Tuesday, August 1 at 5PM