Fitness for Women

Exercise Bag
We’re a fairly non-intimidating facility.  It’s often the case that women feel they don’t want to go into a gym because there are a lot of people there in really great shape — muscles all over the place.  Well yes, there are a few like that but we also have just your average walk-of-life people coming in.  It’s non-imposing, non-threatening and non-intimidating here.  People feel comfortable right away exercising next to someone else.

In terms of specific women’s needs for exercise and strength training, we have trainers that specialize in the different stages of women and their adulthood – post-menopausal and senior women, prenatal and postpartum women.  We also have trainers for young female athletes, and women just looking to get into shape.  Our professional staff can design an exercise routine for women that meet a wide variety of needs and stages of life.