Corrective Exercise

At Rocky's Fitness Center we have three individuals that are certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as Corrective Exercise Specialists.  We have others that are looking to be certified – it is a fairly new certification.

Corrective exercise is coming about more and more and you'll be hearing more about it because unfortunately the nature of our culture is getting more sedentary.  This sedentary existence is creating compensation, postural distortions, and muscular imbalances.  All of these feed into one another to produce weaker frames and structures.  When this occurs, more compensation is created.  The more we compensate, the more we create a viscous downward spiral of additional compensation, imbalances, more dysfunction in our movements until a time where injury or chronic pain is likely to occur.

There may be inflammation around the tendons – tendinitis – which might manifest as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, low back pain, hip or knee bursitis, or Patellofemoral syndrome (PFS).  All of these are often the result of poor movement because of compensation, postural distortion, or muscle imbalances.

As Corrective Exercise Specialists, we look at these imbalances, how a person moves, find out where they're not moving properly, and then give them exercises that retrain their body and Central Nervous System.  Not only do we pull them back into better alignment, but we also improve joint function, enhance muscular balance, and reduce the compensation that lead to the inflammation.

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