Desk Jockey’s Quick Break

Here is a very simple, quick, and highly effective routine that will revitalize a person who has been stuck behind a desk longer than they would prefer. This 5-minute program can be performed several times a day and is great to do at the top of every hour. It will not only help reduce tension and stress but will also reinvigorate your physical energy and refocus your attention on the tasks at hand.

1. Brushing or Tapping the Body - Nerve endings throughout the body have a tendency to fall asleep when not in use. Just by tapping or brushing the body from head to toe for one minute can invigorate you.


2. Forward Step & Reach - Restore length in the soft tissue that insidiously shortens the more you sit. Step forward and keep the back leg straight at the knee. Inhale as you reach forward and upward with both arms for 30 seconds. Perform the same movement with the opposite leg stepping.


3. Side Step & Reach - This motion will help reduce the imbalances between left and right sides. Step sideways and keep the trailing leg straight at the knee. Inhale as you reach upward with both arms and reach laterally away from the stepping direction. Perform the same movement with the opposite leg stepping. 30 seconds each side.


4. Standing Rotation - This will help reduce the torque that can build through the body the more you sit. Stand tall with feet parallel. Reach the right arm straight out with palm face up. Reach back and to the right as the right arm rotates the whole body around. Return back to the starting position. Flip the palm down and continue rotating the arm and body to the left. After repeating this action for 30 seconds, perform the same action with the left arm for 30 seconds.

5. Walk around for a minute and let the body get accustomed to the new you.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most powerful. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.
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