Rocky's Team

Rocky's Fitness Center is home to the best Certified Personal Trainers on the Central Coast. All trainers are NSCA, NASM, or ISSA certified. The National Strength and Conditioning Association, The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the International Sports Science Association are the three top certification associations in the personal training field — the gold standard. Regardless of which excellent trainer you work with, a scientifically designed program will be created to get you closer to your goals by boosting your metabolism, decreasing the likeliness of injuries, and increasing your strength and function in your day to day activities! Rocky Snyder has assembled an elite team of personal trainers with a variety of expertise and personal experience who bring their unique style to the Rocky approach.

Brian Parselle Rockys Fitness Center Sq

Brian Parselle

Strength and Movement Specialist

Brian is an NASM-CPT. He started his career as an air navigator in the Royal Air Force and later in civil airlines where he learned the importance of timing and precision. He spent several years as a competitive runner which started a passion for fitness and solid training technique which continues to this day. When computers replaced navigators on aircraft in the early seventies he joined the enemy and became a techie. Tennis became his sport which together with bad training technique and control probably led to his having both hips and both knees replaced. Realizing that he had been the source of his own misfortune and that after surgery and therapy there was very little help to recover back to normal life, he trained and certified with NASM as a personal trainer in order to help others from making the same mistakes or to recover from them if they did. At 76 years old Brian may be one of the oldest trainers around but he leads 8 senior PEP classes a week at Dominican and also the younger set at the Total Body Conditioning classes. “Working with Rocky has been a wonderful experience“ quotes Brian, as it provides access to the latest and best advice and help in his field. Brian is also qualified by NASM as a Senior Fitness Specialist, has finished the NASM corrective exercise course and is qualified by Z-Health.

Alexis Medeiros Rockys Fitness Center Sq

Lexi Medeiros

Strength and Movement Specialist

Lexi is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. She first discovered her passion for fitness soon after her father passed away. When she was younger, she admired his passion for working out. Once he was gone, everyday seemed to feel like a battle. That’s when Lexi realized that fitness was growing into more than just a hobby; it was an outlet to overcome adversity. This experience is what inspires her to help other individuals utilize exercise as a healthy and highly effective mechanism to handle the stresses and hardships of life. This inspiration, combined with her experience in track, wrestling, tennis and weightlifting; her college studies; and the mentoring she receives here at Rocky’s are shaping and honing her skills as a fitness instructor.

Lexi grew up in Turlock and moved to Santa Cruz to pursue her degree in Kinesiology at Cabrillo College. When she is not in the gym, she enjoys hiking, reading, and standing on her hands!

Wes Hammond Rockys FItness Center Sq

Wes Hammond

Strength and Movement Specialist

Wes is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist. Being in the Airforce his whole adult life, he developed a passion for fitness. He is currently going to school for Kinesiology at Cabrillo. With an emphasis for athletic training, Wes has worked with pro athletes on the Santa Cruz Warrior and sports medicine team throughout the league. Wanting to bring that knowledge of injury management and prevention to a more local setting, the chose to come to Rocky’s. 

Wes has lived in Watsonville most of his life. He works in the Airforce most mornings, but you can also find him somewhere along the beach, in the water, or taking a midday jog.

Leisl Ludington Rockys Fitness Center Sq

Leisl Ludington

Public Relations Administrator

Leisl has passions for helping people, promoting health, and practicing fitness. She is excited to be bringing those to her work here at RFC. An Iowa native, Leisl and her family moved to Santa Cruz and have loved the active lifestyle this community promotes. When she’s not in the gym, you can find her in or on the water, hiking, reading, writing, spending time with her family, or baking! 

Julian Gonzalez Gutierrez Rockys Fitness Center Sq

Julian Gonzales Gutierrez

Strength and Movement Specialist

Julian Gonzalez Gutierrez, CSCS, earned his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology at California State University: Monterey Bay. Obsessed with powerlifting for several years, he was enthralled by systematic training manipulations and technique refinement for improved performance. After tirelessly experimenting with his own training, he was presented with the opportunity to implement a year long research intervention – a strength and conditioning program – focused on the campus’ rugby teams. Julian continues his learning through research of exercise methodologies, exercise selection, and has accrued 100+ hours aiding at a local physical therapy clinic.

Seeing it in both his professional and personal life, Julian has always been amazed by a human’s resilience, regardless of setting. Ultimately, he aims to earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy to gain a better understanding of what is the minimum threshold of our innate human abilities (biological, biomechanical, emotional, etc.) to live happier, healthier lives.

Eager to get moving, Julian joined his first soccer team at the ripe old age of three; he’s also played basketball, baseball, rugby, competed in powerlifting and has recently taken to swimming.

Stacy Selbo Rockys Fitness Center Sq

Stacy Selbo

Strength and Movement Specialist

Stacy is an NASM-CPT. Her career as a teacher developed her love of research and information delivery. She spent several years as a competitive runner which helped hone her passion for lifelong fitness and the promotion of solid training technique. Stacy has built that zeal for running and health into her coaching and personal training paradigms. She has coached for Team In Training, private entities and independently. Her group training experience was developed as an instructor for Mama Fit, where she trained pre and post natal women. Stacy loves to find new and fun ways to motivate people to continue pursuing healthy lifestyles and really enjoys teaching, not just the “whats” but also the “whys.” She is currently enrolled in a Corrective Exercise Specialist course.

Stacy grew up in Santa Cruz and is raising her two sons here along with her husband. The family surfs, bikes, and hikes together and are committed to their community. She also reads incessantly and loves cooking and photography.

Dana Snyder Rockys Fitness Center Sq

Dana Snyder

Owner & Director of Operations

Dana comes to RFC with a passion for supporting the family business. She applies the skills she acquired as a school teacher, professional organizer, and mom to support the gym and staff in many ways. Dana enjoys working with RFC’s amazing staff and clients, and loves joining in workouts on the fly. One of Dana’s favorite past times is family time with Rocky, Madison, Jack and the family dogs, Max and Molly.

Rocky Snyder Rockys Fitness Center Sq

Rocky Snyder

Owner, Director of Fitness, Jedi Knight of Motion

CSCS, NSCA-CPT, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Applied Functional Science, TPI-Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, USA Weightlifting Coach

Rocky, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, is an accomplished and avid surfer, and well known as a regular on KSCO with his Surf and Ski report three mornings a week since 2002, and on KPIG FM every weekday morning since 2013. Rocky has written three books on sports conditioning: Fit to Surf, Fit to Paddle, and Fit to Ski & Snowboard. He has also written numerous articles for fitness magazines and has been the co-host of the Fathers Are Forever radio program, and the co-host of the Hour Local Sports on Wednesday nights on KSCO. Rocky is a seven-time award winner of Santa Cruz’s “Best Personal Trainer” award. Rocky lives with his wife and two children in Aptos, California. For more about Rocky, go to Rocky’s Story.