Rocky's Story

The New Fitness Center

Rocky Snyder Rockys Fitness CenterAt the end of 2003, the 7-year lease on the original location was ending. Rocky and his business partner decided to go separate ways, and he found a 1,000 sq. ft facility right around the corner. It was an old card room behind a restaurant. After about 5 years Rocky was approached by some landlords that had just completed a commercial building nearby. They said they had a similar sized space that needed to be filled that would be perfect for a fitness studio.

It was a brand new building with better exposure– better visibility with more foot and drive-by traffic.

At the time Rocky wasn’t thinking along the lines of that enhancing business for a fitness center but was proven wrong. Suddenly after moving into his new fitness facility in October of 2009, not only were new clients coming in the door but personal trainers as well. They really liked how it looked and wanted to train at Rocky’s facility with their clients.

Like a Koi in a pond Rocky’s Fitness Center grew as big as it could grow and when the space beside it became available, he leased that space out and expanded to 3000 sq. ft. In just two years, Rocky’s Fitness Center grew from 3 trainers to 8 personal trainers, 2 physical therapists, and a front desk staff.

A lot of people are coming through the door and a lot of lives being changed. It’s once again getting to the point where the fish have grown to as big as the pond will allow.

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