Rocky's Story

Moving to Santa Cruz

Rocky Snyder Rockys Fitness CenterAfter graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Rocky worked a season at Yellowstone National Park. While working there, some college friends who had moved to Santa Cruz stopped by and encouraged Rocky to come out and visit them in Santa Cruz.

So mid-October of 1990, Rocky jumped on a Greyhound bus and rode over the Continental Divide for his first time on the West coast. He had led a sheltered New England existence up until then, having never been past the Connecticut River in his life, which is to say, he never got west of Massachusetts until then.

Landing in Santa Cruz at his friends’ apartment, just down the street from what is now Rocky’s Fitness Center, it didn’t take long for Rocky to fall in love with the area. By New England standards he should have been getting his winter clothes out, but here he was, playing basketball in the middle of the day in just a pair of shorts.

After his stay in Santa Cruz, Rocky went back home to New England and struggled to find work for a month or two. It was an easy decision that if he’s going to struggle, he might as well struggle in Santa Cruz. So he came out here in January of 1991, and hasn’t left.

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