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"Rocky is a quite a few cuts above the typical trainer as he has solid academic training in physiology, nutrition and human performance. He knows what works, and more importantly, what doesn't. Without Rocky's expert guidance, you can waste a lot of time and money on ineffective exercise routines and over hyped nutritional supplements. Rocky focuses on what works not based on hunches or folklore, but on solid scientific principles. He is all about maximizing the effectiveness of your gym time and diet to produce optimum results in the shortest time possible. In my book, that's called good value."Pat O’Neill
"Rocky’s is the best place to get an intense 1-hour workout. It’s the key to staying fit for the rigors of fire."Rick M.
"Rocky has helped me and many of my patients immeasurably his work. His collective knowledge and experience of core training and proprioceptive/postural rehabilitation science is nothing short of vast. Without exception, I recommend him to each and every one who comes through my door. I am blessed to have this professional devoted to motion in my community"Herby Bell, DC
"First I must say that most people seek a personal trainer to lose weight and get back in shape. And, that of course was my goal also. I moved to California looking for a personal trainer who had good credentials, a professional reputation and was a family man. Rocky came highly recommended. That was three years ago. I have been extremely satisfied with Rocky as a personal trainer, but more so as a caring, sincere, honest person. He loves what he does, cares for his clients, and is extremely professional and intelligent in his field. Oh yes, I did lose the 40 pounds I wanted to lose. My body is in the best shape it has been in 10 years. I feel very good about myself and the accomplishments in the gym with Rocky. However, much more important but not visible to other clients is my "mental health". The one-hour sessions I spend with Rocky do more for me "mentally" and "emotionally" because it is my time to take care of me and no one else. I leave the gym not only feeling physically great, confident, but with a complete sense of balance in my life. I strongly recommend Rocky to everyone who needs to get back into physical shape, or just to have a time out in the day and do something for yourself that makes you both feel and look better, thus improving your self-confidence in all aspects of your life!"Claire St. L.
"As a full time USA Track & Field coach, I have been around the fitness industry for many years both on the track and in the gym setting. It is extremely rare to see a trainer such as Rocky, be able to communicate with all segments of the population from professional athlete, training for high performance competition, to the senior citizen looking to maintain and improve functional mobility. All accomplished with a compassion, empathy, enthusiasm and passion that are so uniquely Rocky! The strength training knowledge that he has so generously shared with me over the years, I share with my athletes to this day. He is always looking for ways to increase his knowledge to help improve the quality of life for his clients. Rocky’s enthusiasm for his work is infectious but more importantly his passion and zest for his family and for life are inspiring. I am proud to call him my friend and as a coach of National Champions and Olympians alike, I can say with complete confidence, there is no better functional strength & conditioning specialist in the Unites States."Coach GP, USA Track & Field Coach Co-Founder www.RunningBuzz.com Author of, Run Tall, Run Easy, The Ultimate Guide to Better Running Mechanics and the DVD Training & Racing in Pursuit of Success, Not Fear of Failure
Rocky is top notch. He has the experience and expertise to not only improve your game but make you a more efficient and powerful golfer. Combining his approach with your golf instructor’s suggestions is a sure fire way to step up your game, get more distance and drop your handicap. Do yourself a favor and get him on your team.Ken Woods, Head Golf Professional, Pasatiempo Golf Club
"I have known Rocky Snyder for over 13 years and would never hesitate to recommend his services to anyone. Rocky is a knowledgeable, caring, ENTHUSIASTIC and completely capable personal trainer. His integrity and personal attention are excellent. His number one concern is his' client's needs, and he has more than enough experience and resources to meet those needs. Being in the fitness business myself, I am consistently running across the latest and greatest in exercise trends and theories. It is without doubt and with full confidence that I would recommend Rocky Snyder to anyone looking for quality personal training."Tom Frankl, Owner, Play It Again Sports

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