Professional Athlete Clients

Julian Sekon

Julian SekonJulian became a trainer at my gym in the late 90's when he was on Team O'Neill as a professional surfer and made it to the cover of Surfer magazine.  My main work with Julian in the beginning was giving him exercises to improve his surfing skill.   A lot of it was balance training, some endurance, and then he took that on and became a trainer himself.

Julian was a super nice guy and had a go at it for a couple of years as a pro.  We bump into each other every now and again and he always has a smile.  It's just amazing how the surfers all just elicited the stoke.  It's something that's cultivated when you're in the water.  You get some people out there that have a cross demeanor and negativity and you really have to shake your head and wonder how that can be when you're out  there  in the elements like that.

For the most part though, when it comes to Jeff and Jay and Julian, they all elicit the  same stoke and excitement, and they'll do whatever it takes to keep enjoying what it is they truly enjoy - surfing.

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