Professional Athlete Clients

Pro Athletes Rocky's Fitness CenterWhen you get to the level of world class athletes, whether it's Olympic or professional or highly competitive recreational athletes, there's a certain focus that they have.  It's not necessarily self centered; it's self focused.  I think there's a big difference.

For a lot of people that are recreational athletes, especially the endurance ones - the marathon runners and the triathletes – it's easy to be self centered and focused on yourself and focused on your training because unfortunately that's the nature of the sport or competition that they chose.

With true competitors like Carina, Jeff, Jay and Julian, there's this fire within them, this self motivating engine that is amazing.  It's just hard to put into words how devoted they are to their craft, their sport, their passion.  You can see it in everything they do. They don't stop because they're tired.  They stop because they have nothing left in their tank maybe, but even then, they find something to push them beyond the physical realms.  It's really an inspiration for the people that just walk in – the mainstream members that come in that are just looking to better themselves to get more fit, maybe lose a little weight.  They see individuals like this working out and it inspires them.  It gives them a little more purpose inside the gym and not so much a hero, but somebody to try and drive towards.

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