Our Process

Step 1: Consultation

You share your background, fitness goals, and injuries with us. We share our training options, answer your questions, and work with you to put together a plan to help you reach your goals.

Step 2: Assessment

Functional: 60 minutes

This assessment includes a static posture analysis and a 10-point dynamic movement screen. The combination of the static and dynamic assessments will provide our trainers the information needed to build a comprehensive strength and conditioning program best suited to meet your goals.

Bio-mechanical: 90 - 120 minutes

This assessment includes the posture analysis and the 10-point movement screen found in the Functional Assessment then goes much deeper. We use an electronic force plate to understand where the body balances itself above the feet. Depending on what the body reveals, there are various options to assess further. No matter which assessment tools are utilized, we will build a corrective exercise program to guide your body to a more congruent, efficient posture where pain symptoms are greatly reduced or completely mitigated.

Step 3: Program Design

There are numerous elements that go into designing a strength & conditioning program. The team at Rocky's finds a way to blend it all together so that all of the bases are covered. Here are just a sampling of what needs to be considered when creating the proper program for overall wellness:

  • Personal goals of the individual
  • Efficient joint mechanics
  • Muscular balancing
  • Integrative full body strength & endurance
  • Joint mobility
  • Muscular flexibility
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Visual & vestibular acuity
  • Balance & coordination
  • Reinforce proper gait mechanics

Step 4: Private, Personal Training, Group Classes, PT Plus Hybrid

Private Coaching

One-on-one coaching through your individualized program design.

Personal Training

No more than four people, each with a personalized program design, working with a trainer who gives individual attention and direction to each client in turn. This creates a personalized, social, and fun workout environment!

Group Classes

This is a great way to get a workout with a group of others. Each class is expertly designed with a specific fitness focus in mind. Whether it's Foundational Strength, Power and Speed, or Regeneration, our group classes are a mix of fitness and fun for everyone!

PT Plus Hybrid

Take personal training, pair it with group classes, and you've got the best of both fitness worlds!

  • COVID-19 Update

    For more info, please read our COVID FAQs.

    In response to the Shelter in Place order for Santa Cruz County, RFC is committed to:

  • keeping business as usual via online training for all clients
  • closing the studio to the public
  • keeping our trainers fully employed
  • keeping you up-to-date with email content as needed
  • Thank you for your continued commitment to RFC!