Rocky’s Approach to Fitness

When I first started going to the gym with my high school buddy, he helped me put together my workout. The problem was, if all you know is all you know, then you’re limited and you have limitations placed upon you. It’s what you don’t know that opens up doors.

I say this because for the first few years of being a personal trainer I was giving people exercise programs based only on what I knew. All that I knew at the time was bodybuilding, an isolated kind of approach which might be good for looking great in a bathing suit, but in terms of how your body actually functions and moves, it is actually quite detrimental. I later realized through educating myself, and having an awakening that I’ll talk about shortly, that I was hurting the people I was trying to help. I was not doing them any service. I was doing them a disservice based upon the programs I was creating for them.

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