A Better Way to Foam Roll

Not long ago, I wrote a piece about the mistakes people make when they try foam rolling. I offered a different strategy when it came to rolling out the muscle tissue, based on foot pressure. Knowing where your body-weight travels down into your feet, tells a lot about the position of your structure and where you hold your tension.

I decided to do one better and create a 5-minute video to further explain how this approach can work. The ultimate goal is to bring the body to a place where it can function at the highest optimal level. This place is where the body is not too far in any direction, but maintains a centralized place where muscles have a balance of tension, joints have the appropriate amount of space and all body functions have the best opportunity to keep chugging along. If the body begins its travel from an ideal, central place, that means it is able to move equally in all directions, unrestricted by muscles which are too long or too short.

When you find yourself with a five-minute break, click on the link above and give it a shot. Hopefully, you have a foam roll lying around, or a tennis ball, or a lacrosse ball, or even a rolling pin. Let’s face it, it is the cheapest form of massage you are ever going to find.

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